Getting Started with Youtube in 5 Minutes

Looking back on my blog posts from the past half year, at least half of them deal with youtube in some form or another. Whether publishing your students’ digital stories, or creating homework tutorials, or having sports teams break down their performances, youtube is a powerful tool for educators.

While there are some extensive guides to using youtube in schools, as well as resources from google, some teachers might be intimidated to get started with uploading and sharing videos. I met another teacher at a conference who mentioned that he would like to use youtube, but he would wait until the following school year to do research and learn about it. Really though, it only takes 5 minutes to get started. To show how simple it is, I’ve created this brief video to explain how to upload and change the sharing settings:

After making the tutorial, I realized 5 minutes may be too much. Once you learn the steps, it takes less than a minute to upload, so give it a try next school year.

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2 Responses to Getting Started with Youtube in 5 Minutes

  1. Hey Jeff, Thanks for sharing this post.
    I found this upload easy to understand and follow and it was helpful to hear from another teacher’s point of view regarding keeping the video unlisted.
    I now feel confident to upload and although you made this blog in June it’s still useful for me now that we are in the 3rd COETAIL course.
    Hope you enjoyed Course 3 as much as I have.

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