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Flipped Classrooms and the Global Audience

When I tried flipping math lessons for my third grade class, the initial audience was my class of 18 students. In the video narration, I speak directly to this audience, saying things like: “Today in class we learned…” or “Your … Continue reading

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Flipping the Elementary Math Classroom

Last Spring, after flipped classroom proponent Alan November visited my school, I briefly experiment with a “light” version of the flipped classroom. Rather than teaching my 3rd graders entirely through video, I introduced new content and skills in class and … Continue reading

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Videoscribe review – a whiteboard animation and presentation tool

When our Coetail face-to-face session spent a day discussing digital storytelling, I was already familiar with the topic. A year ago I attended a workshop with digital storytelling expert Jason Ohler, and my third grade students have created several fiction and non-fiction … Continue reading

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Road Movies – a quick, easy, and free digital storytelling tool

A few weeks ago, after a 7 hour coetail session on digital storytelling, I went to some friends’ house for dinner. As I opened their apartment door, I was greeted by an iphone camera pointing in my direction. After a … Continue reading

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