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Creating an Online Video Dictionary (made by kids)

Those of you clicking this link based on the ambitiousness of the title, please know that this is very much in the idea stage. Like many international school teachers, I have several students who speak English only while in school … Continue reading

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Permission + Encouragement = Cool Stuff

We are three months into the school year, and for a while I’ve felt┬áthat it’s time to shift my students from consumers and users of technology to producers and creators. Last year I followed the same pattern, spurred on by … Continue reading

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How to create video tutorials (simple, quick, and easy)

I’ve recently been convinced that simple, video tutorials are a tool that any teacher, even the not-so-tech-savy, can use to increase student learning. Yet the number of teachers actually using this method is low. There are hundreds of tools and … Continue reading

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