Student-Produced Images with “Draw Free” app

My third grade students are creating imovie documentaries on plants, a project first attempted over a year ago. One of the main tech lessons of the project is having student¬†use “free-use” images instead of taking whatever photos they find on the internet. For some ideas, however, the students have had trouble finding images that fit with what they want to explain.


For example, two of my students wanted to illustrate the different zones of the ocean, but a google search for “free-use” images turned up nothing. Feeling more comfortable with the project a second time around, I challenged them to make their own image. This was the first time to do this, however, so I was unsure what was the best ipad application for the job. I heard about “Art Studio” at the course 5 presentations, but a quick search showed it cost $5 and probably had features that we didn’t need.

mzl.jsyghlzyAnother more reasonably priced app ($0), appropriately called “Draw Free,” did the trick. My students were familiar with Doodlecast Pro, which has similar functions, and they were able to independently¬†figure out how to use it. Despite the similar logos, I’m sure “Art Studio” is a more powerful application, but for third graders trying to whip up a quick illustration for their movie, “Draw Free” will get the job done. Here’s what they came up with:


As my students get more into their movies, I hope more will be able to create their own images. We should be finished by the end of the week, so look for an update soon, and let us know if you’ve tried other drawing apps that have worked for your students.

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  1. Kim Cofino says:

    There’s always a free option!

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