Try these Student Created Games

Are you classroom computers sitting unused, or are you hoping to use more kid-created content for your 1:1 class? Look no further! We have a Choose Your Own Adventure Story as well as some grammar games your students can play.

Berry Adventure – In this game, you set off into the forest and choose which direction to go (the first of many decisions). There are 11 different endings depending on your choices. Here is a paper for your students to help them find all of the endings. And here is an explanation of how the game was made.

The Homophone Game
If you’ve even had students make homophone mistakes in their writing (and I know you have), these games will help sort them out. You’ll need computers (not phones or tablets) to play these. I’ve also put links to practice sheets in the descriptions, so print those if you want to give your students more independent practice.

I’ll post the latest two here, but follow this link to all of the episodes. Here is an explanation of how we made these.



We’ve almost finished another CYOA game. I’ll update here when it’s done, but here is a sneak preview:


P.S. I would love to connect with other classes interested in making their own games. Leave a comment if you’d like to try this with your students.

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