I am a 3rd grade teacher at Seisen International School in Tokyo. On this blog I discuss the best ways for students and teachers to implement technology. Please leave a comment if you have a question or if you find something useful.

I finished COETAIL in May of 2014, and I will occasionally update this blog to follow up on old posts. For newer and more frequent updates, please check out my new blog.

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  1. Jayne Miller says:

    Hi Jeff – thanks for writing. I’ve been searching for content about Google Apps for Edu and stumbled upon your blog. Enjoyed your posts about getting up and running with GAFE.

    I was wondering if you’ve seen what we’re doing here at Chalkup. Our product integrates seamlessly with Google Drive. It’s been a big hit so far.

    Some things that are unique to the Chalkup Google integration are:

    Grading and annotating files inline with drawing, highlighting, and area comments
    Use a custom rubric and attaching it to assignments
    We manage all Google Drive file permissions automatically
    Students can save any type of document to their Drive

    If you have a minute, check out this video with more details: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WmlXBPin7lY

    We’ve felt that the whole Google Drive grading workflow has been missing some key components (like rubrics and annotations). So we created a system that accommodates those functions. I’d love to hear what you think.


  2. Jeff Lewis says:

    It looks interesting, Jayne, but I teach 3rd grade and “chalkup” looks more appropriate for high school.

  3. christopher cowherd says:

    Hey Jeff,

    My name is Chris and I am a teacher at Western Academy of Beijing. I stumbled onto your site while doing some research on how teachers use technology in classrooms, specifically with learning logs and feedback. I’d love to chat about what you’re up to and to see if anything you’re doing might work for us here. As part of the write up of what we learn, we are creating an iBook. I’d love to be able to make reference to the ideas you published on this site, fully credited of course. Anyway, let me know. I know we’re wrapping up the year, but what I am doing will wrap into next year as well. Thanks.


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