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Choose Your Own Adventure

Looking for some fun activities for your students to do the last few weeks of school? Check out these student-made, Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Stories on YouTube. If you’d like details on how they were made, click here, but otherwise, enjoy the games! … Continue reading

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Adding Audio in YouTube Editor

In February I attended my second Google Apps for Education Summit (GAFE), two years after my initial one, and having already published heaps of student/teacher content on YouTube, I was looking for a few new ways to use Google Apps with my students. … Continue reading

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How Children Learn Vocabulary – Bringing Words to Life, Part 1

One of the constant challenges of international school teaching is having a large number of students who might use limited English outside of school. Depending on your situation, you could have students with both parents as native English speakers, or … Continue reading

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Student and Teacher Created Google Sites

As my students created more and more vocabulary tutorial videos, published to youtube, the question became how could we best organize and share them with other students. For our own use, we started simple with technology the students already knew … Continue reading

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Visible Thinking with iPad Math Tutorials

How many times have teachers looked at a student’s finished math problem, seen an incorrect answer, and wondered how the learner got from point A to point B? Conversely, how many times have students solved problems correctly but still had … Continue reading

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Redesigning a Performing Arts Unit with Technology

A year into my Coetail journey, I’ve redesigned many aspects of my teaching with technology in mind. Last year my team modified a unit of inquiry on plants, with students eventually demonstrating their understanding of the central idea through imovie documentaries. … Continue reading

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Student Created Video Dictionary (update)

It’s been about a month and a half since I first proposed the idea of an online video dictionary, created by students. At the time, we had one prototype and many ideas of how to make things better. Since then, … Continue reading

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Experimenting with Blogger (Google Apps for Education)

Now that my school is a year into using Google Apps for Education, everyone is familiar and comfortable with the main features, especially Gmail and Google Drive. There are other features worth exploring, however. For example, it takes literally less … Continue reading

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Using Google Drive for a Class Reading Log

Like many elementary teachers, I assign independent reading as part of my students’ daily homework routine. We keep this simple — no summaries, no book reports — just choose a book, read for at least 20 minutes, and record the … Continue reading

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Getting Started with Google Apps for Education

With more and more schools adopting google’s suite of applications, there are an increasing number of teachers and students learning to navigate gmail, drive, youtube, blogger, and the rest of google’s offerings for the first time. Many tech-savvy people are … Continue reading

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